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> How To Buy The Most Popular AJ Reps Shoes?, Buy Cheap Fake Jordan Online

post Best Fake Jordan Shoes For Sale - Вторник, 22 Марта 2022
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The already mentioned white upper is made of beautifully grained leather. As with the OG Nike Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red”, the area directly below the shoe collar comes in red. Since the official designation of the color used here, i.e. the “color code”, is actually Fire Red, this AJ3 was found on the internet, among other things also known as "Denim Fire Red". However, this name should be reserved solely for the Jordan 3, Best Jordans Reps Shoes which also has the corresponding color blocking of the OG. The 3 series presented here does not do this. In contrast to the OG "Fire Red", this Jordan has a black lining instead of a red one. In addition, the upper part of the midsole is not red all the way through, but divided into white and black. There is also a color difference at the top hole of the lacing. No reason to speak of a "Fire Red" 3 Series here.
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