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Турфорум _ Походы будущие и прошедшие _ Lost Ark Gold Free Giveaway Ends Soon at IGGM.com

Автор: jamysen Вторник, 17 Мая 2022

Valtan, Lost Ark's first Legion raid, will be released on Western servers later this month. Normal difficulty requires an item level of 1415, and hard difficulty requires an item level of 1445. Valtan Legion has also added a new rare item, Relic. This can be crafted with materials obtained in the raid. It results in more impactful armor and weapon bonuses, as well as greater stat bonuses. This gear is https://www.iggm.com/lost-ark-gold.

The post also details the Deskaluda Guardian raid, which, like the Guardian Raids before it, can be solved individually or by teams of up to four players. Plus, the new Destroyer Advanced class joins Berserkers, Paladins and Gunners. Wielding terrifying hammers, they can "bend gravity at will" to slow, launch, push or pull enemies out of or into their path. I love this series of updates.

In Lost Ark, Lost Ark Gold is a very important item, which is why I often buy Lost Ark Gold. IGGM is my trading platform, which not only provides a 100% safe trading system, but also completes orders quickly. Recently, IGGM is holding an event to give away Lost Ark Gold for free. The deadline is approaching, you can hurry to participate. In addition, you can also see useful https://www.iggm.com/news/lost-ark-skill-build-for-control-glaivier.

Автор: MaureenSutton Вторник, 13 Июня 2023

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