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> An introduction to the mold finishing technology

post - Суббота, 11 Ноября 2023
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Although there has been significant progress made in the mold technology of my country over the past few years, there is still a significant gap when compared with other manufacturing powers. At the moment, my nation's market for molds with a low level of technical content has been oversupplied, whereas the demand for precision molds is primarily met by imports. The use of technology that allows for high-speed mold cutting can significantly improve the efficiency of mold production as well as the accuracy and longevity of molds.

Cutting at high speeds offers several benefits, including minimal temperature rise and minimal thermal deformation of the material being cut. Zinc alloy die-casting is the end product after the metal removal rate per unit power has been increased by 30% to 40%, the cutting force has been reduced by 30%, and the cutting life of the tool has been increased by 70% precision die casting supplier. By increasing the cutting speed, the removal rate of blank material per unit time increases, the cutting time decreases, and the processing efficiency improves. 

As a result, the product manufacturing cycle is shortened, and the product's market competitiveness is improved. The processing of zinc alloy die-casting is improved as a result of the high-speed discharge of chips, which lowers the amount of cutting heat that is transferred to the workpiece and lowers the amount of thermal stress deformation. Rigidity, in addition to allowing for the possibility of cutting parts with thin walls. During this time, the application of high-speed cutting technology can save approximately 80% of the time that would have been spent manually precision die casting supplier grinding the mold during the subsequent processing of the mold, which in turn saves nearly 30% of the cost of the processing. The surface of the mold can have a roughness that reaches Ra0.

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When it comes to mold processing, the benefits of high-speed cutting are put to good use. The processing of molds is characterized by the use of small batches of single pieces and complex geometric shapes, which causes the processing cycle to be long and results in low production efficiency. Processing has been streamlined. The primary benefits of high-speed cutting molds are exemplified by the following aspects:

The rate at which metal is removed can be greatly increased by using high-speed cutting for roughing and semi-finishing.

It is possible to process hardened materials by making use of high-speed cutting machine tools, cutting tools, and various processes.

High-speed and high-precision hard cutting can replace finishing machining, which eliminates the need for a great deal of labor-intensive manual grinding and boosts productivity by fifty percent in comparison to EDM.

Hard cutting is a process that is performed on the final forming surface to improve surface quality and shape accuracy (not only low surface roughness, but also high surface brightness). This is more advantageous for mold processing of complex curved surfaces than conventional cutting methods.

The thermal deformation of the workpiece is minimal, the cutting force is reduced, and the workpiece generates less heat. It is combined with CAD/CAM technology for the purpose of achieving rapid processing of electrodes, particularly electrodes that have complex shapes and thin walls that are easy to deform. Roughing and finishing of molds can be accomplished with five-axis machine tools that have replaceable milling heads and replaceable electric spindle heads, respectively. These machine tools are classified as milling head type five-axis Powder Coating Cast Aluminum tools. Particularly important in the semi-finishing and finishing of hardened steel is the use of tools that have been coated. As a result of domestic experience with high-speed finishing of molds, it has been determined that the linear speed of mold finishing can exceed 400 meters per minute when small-diameter ball-end milling cutters are utilized. For this reason, the finishing of molds by high-speed hard cutting requires not only the selection of high-speed machine tools, but also the selection of cutting tools and cutting processes that have been chosen in a reasonable manner.

When you are processing molds at a high speed, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Based on the various objects that need to be processed, make an informed decision between carbide-coated tools, CBN tools, and diamond sintered layer tools. The diameter of the finishing tool is typically less than 10 millimeters Powder Coating Cast Aluminum. The diameter of the tool that is used varies, depending not only on the material being processed but also on the hardness of the material.

In order to cut down on tool costs, choose the appropriate tool parameters, such as a negative rake angle, for example. At the same time, after the tool has been clamped, careful consideration needs to be given to the overall dynamic balance of the spindle system.
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post - Вторник, 02 Января 2024
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