The largest ISP in the USA is Comcast Cable Communication. Its trading name is Xfinity. they're in this business for 50 years now. And in the whole world, they're the second-largest cable network company.
But, in recent day's, some customer have been reporting the error “comcast error rdk-03003”. in this error, they're not being able to stream Television by using the cable. And by refreshing the cable box is doing nothing.
If you're among one of the users, then you dont have to worry. in this article, i will be telling you the causes of this problem and the ways to fix this problem.

Reasons For Comcast Error Code RDK-03003

The report of this error has been increasing in recent days. For that reason, an investigation was performed to find the cause of this issue. Therefor, here are the primary reason that can cause the Xfinity error code RDK-03003:

Cache- the net Router caches some launch configurations and settings to create a good connection with the server of the ISP. But, there can be time's when this can get corrupted. And this situation will cause a disturbing connection. For Xfinity to work properly, the net needs to be connected to the Cable box.

Loose Cables- there's also a chance that some cable connecting to your cable box must be not connected properly. this can cause a bad connection & hence trigger the error RDK-03003.

Poor Power Outlet- The error can also be caused due to the power outlet not giving ample voltage. This outlet may be connected to a signal amplifier, which will not operate under poor voltage.